The law is the law



La Loi c’est la loi is a satirical comedy confronting the limits of individual and collective freedoms in a so-called advanced society. The series features Steeve L’Heureux and Éric Contant, a duo of devoted police officers working for the SPTM. Their mission: clean up the city of Montreal and make the law shine.


Writers : Émile Schneider, Hugolin Chevrette
Scriptwriter : Romain Dumont
Director: Vincent RC


  • LA Film Awards - Official Selection
  • Série Mania Awards – Short series
  • Web series Festival Global - Official Selection
  • 8 nominations - Bilbao Seriesland Web Fest Festival
  • 2 nominations - Rio Webfest - Best actor (Hugolin Chevrette) and best cast (action)
  • New Jersey Webfest - Official Selection
  • JellyFilm Fest - Official Selection


  • LA Films Awards 2020 – Best Comedy
  • London Short Story Festival – Best comedy


Hugolin Chevrette, Émile Schneider, Pascale Bussières, Jean-Nicolas Verreault, Benz Antoine, Mireille Brullemans, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Stéphane Jacques, Emmanuel Schwartz, Alexa-Jeanne Dubé, Houda Rihani, Alain Zouvi, Marc Beaupré, Claire Jacques